Wedding Event In The Desert

A wedding in Genesis Land is a unique experience.

We provide an almost complete wedding package.

The price per person includes:

* Chuppah arrangement - white cloth and wind chimes.

* Arranging Tables and Chairs - the choice of maps and napkins is made by you.

* Cocktail Reception - According to menu.

* Full Bar and Bar man throughout the event, serving soft drinks, juices, beer and wine.

* There is no difference in price between family style or a buffet.

* Warm lighting throughout the site, from the parking area to the canopy.

* A waiter for every two tables.

* Cleaning services throughout the event.

*  Tzimmer for the couple from the afternoon of the day until 11:00 the morning after including breakfast.

The price does not included

Other alcoholic drinks e.g. Whiskey / Vodka (this can be brought and served by the Bar).

* Photographer and DJ.

* Sound System (must rent through Genesis Land)

* acu”m -

If there are any more questions we will be happy to assist,

Genesis Land Staff