Holy land tour A Biblical Experience

Genesis Land offers a range of hands-on activities to captivate adults and children alike

Activities and Creative workshops which recreate the Patriarchs' way of life:

Parchment writing:
Write a letter in ancient Hebrew script on parchment using a quill and ink.

Pitta baking:
Make your own pittas and bake them in a fire.

Create a picture from colored mosaic stones.

Mold clay to create beautiful dishes and jugs.
Pottery restoration:Reconstruct a piece of pottery from its shards.

Ancient hospitality Kosher meat or dairy meals, in the tent (sitting on mattresses around low tables).

Follow Thy Shepherd:
Have you ever tried to imagine our forefathers? What did Abraham look like? What did Kind David do as a young lad? What's common between the two of them, Moses and Jeremiah?

"With Timbrel and Dance"
Overlooking the Jordan Valley, Jericho and Genesis Land, watch a magnificent sunset casts its shadows over the Judean Desert, experience a full-moon rise beyond the hills, and join the solitude and calmness with music of your own as you learn the beat of the desert by talented drummers' hands.

Camel rides:
Camel trekking from Genesis Land along the ridge above the spectacular riverbed of Wadi Kelt.

Jeep Rides:
Thrilling jeep rides across the endless desert landscape. A sample route takes you from Kadar to Jabal Mountar to the Monastery of Marsabah and on to the Horkania Valley.

En Mabua 
An oasis, a peaceful place with cool refreshing spring and explanations, a short tour and herbal tea.